Elder Scrolls Online Dev Discusses the Game's Lore

| 25 Sep 2013 11:25
Elder Scrolls Online

Zenimax Online recently answered questions concerning The Elder Scrolls Online and its ties to the franchise's history and lore.

If there's one thing the Elder Scrolls games excel at, it's delivering copious amounts of lore. For all the time players spent questing and slaying in Skyrim, they could probably have spent almost just as much time reading up on the history of the continent of Tamriel. That in mind, the developers of The Elder Scrolls Online, recently took the time to answer some player questions concerning the new game's lore and how the MMORPG's setting and place in the world's timeline will come into play.

The Elder Scrolls Online
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Explore the rich world of Tamriel with your friends in The Elder Scrolls Online. The elements that make TES a unique experience will be there, includes an emphasis on exploration, visceral real-time combat, and immersion into an ancient world. Set a millennium before Skyrim, TESO is a rich world where three factions vie for throne of an empire. It's an ancient time of heroes an legends. It's time to make your mark.

For instance, since the game will be set a thousand years before the events of Skyrim certain races, political factions and treaties will hold more immediate significance than in past games. For instance, when players start their adventure an agreement with the Daggerfall Convenant will will have recently returned the city of Orsinium to the Orcs, many of whom will still reside in a "patchwork of strongholds" following their displacement years earlier.

Other players inquired as to whether or not the Forsworn, a hostile faction from Skyrim, would be making an appearance in The Elder Scrolls Online. The development revealed that though the Forsworn themselves won't make an appearance their ancestors, the Reachman, will be a presence. "The Forsworn are a Fourth-Era faction of the Reachmen that actually hearkens back to the Reach culture of ESO's era, so they don't appear as such, but the Reachmen of our time resemble them," said Zenimax Online.

The developers weren't above playing coy when answering some questions, however. One fan, asking about the Adamantine Tower, a.k.a. "the oldest structure in Tamriel," wanted to know if it would be an accessible structure at its home in High Rock. "Time will tell," was Zenimax Online's non-answer. The full breadth of the question and answer session can be found at The Elder Scrolls Online official website.

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