Star Citizen Hits $20 Million, Releases Stellar Video

| 27 Sep 2013 14:54
star citizen screen

Ambitious space-based MMO hits another funding milestone and continues to solicit more from fans.

Star Citizen has been pushing all the right buttons with the supporters of the crowdfunded space simulation. So much so that developer Cloud Imperium continues to rake in cash and hitting stretch goals. It just hit the $20 million mark and will be adding first-person combat on select worlds.

Cloud Imperium's Chris Roberts said that they are adding the next goal of $22 million to add facial capture to give more lifelike characters. More goals will be added if that one is met, but considering the game has already added an extra @10 million beyond it's original goals in only four months makes that mark a strong possibility.

Roberts said that "feature creep" is not a concern at this point, as anything that is being added is already a feature that has been implemented in a previously limited capacity. For example, the ground-based FPS combat is an extension of the game's ship-boarding mechanic. The game utilizes CryEngine, so the game can easily replicate the mechanics of a game like Crysis 3.

Perhaps even more spectacular is the "sizzle reel" released showing off Star Citizen so far. Pardon me while I slip into fanboy mode for a minute: OMG, OMG, OMG! That looks so incredibly awesome (/end fanboy). If the video is one-tenth of what the actual game play and mechanics will be, then Star Citizen should easily become a game-of-the-year candidate when it is released late next year.

Watch and be amazed.

Source: Cloud Imperium Games

Star Citizen

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