Shroud of the Avatar Reveals First Scene Jam Winner

| 30 Sep 2013 08:56
Shroud of the Avatar art

Portalarium has produced a video showing off Richard Matey's winning entry for Shroud of the Avatar's first 48-hour scene jam.

A short while ago, you might have heard tell of a new series of game jams being hosted by Richard Garriot and Portalarium to help boost awareness and create content for their in-development MMO, Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues. Just recently the first 48-hour "Scene Jam" came to an end and Portalarium has now announced its winners.

"It was tough to choose the winner from among the top entries," said Portalarium in an announcement. "But after much deliberation, Richard, Starr, and Chris unanimously chose Richard Matey as the First Place winner of our first Shroud of the Avatar Unity Scene Jam!" Matey's challenge was to craft a unique scene for the game within 48-hours using materials provided by the developer. The scene itself needed to involve "a design that included a 'Lunar Rift' and the ruins around it. We asked for the Lunar Rift to be one up on a plateau or at least on top of a very steep hill."

Matey was chosen from a pool of nearly 50 participants and, for his work, will be rewarded with a Knight-level pledge to the game, a signed game box and a Shroud of the Avatar t-shirt. In second place was the team of Charles Howell and Mark A Barrow, while third place went to Melchior Meijer. The second and third place winners will walk away with pledge-credits for their efforts. Portalarium has, meanwhile, produced a short video showing off Matey's winning entry.

Source: Shroud of the Avatar

Shroud of the Avatar

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