Darkfall: Unholy Wars Prepping Class Balancing Patch

| 30 Sep 2013 11:14

Darkfall: Unholy Wars will soon be getting a patch that will adjust its classes and skills to provide a more balanced experience.

In recent month's Aventurine SA, the developer behind Darkfall: Unholy Wars, has been taking notes on the classes its players choose to play and which ones they ignore. The company's studies have helped it come to the conclusion that the game's class system is currently a tad unbalanced.

"We have identified issues with sustainability and limited survivability of some roles as well as the extreme flexibility of others," said the developer in a forum post. "Some balance issues are made apparent by player preference, for example the strong preference to the Warrior role is a clear indication that something is off. Others are made obvious through experiencing them, for example the very short duration of Skirmisher and Elementalist battles."

DarkFall: Unholy Wars
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Darkfall Unholy Wars is an intense full PvP MMORPG that combines real-time action and strategy in a fantasy setting. The game pushes the envelope of MMOs by featuring the largest seamless and zoneless world of its kind, and is able to host upwards of ten thousand concurrent users per server. Without instances or other designed roadblocks to player interaction, Darkfall Unholy Wars is redefining the MMORPG genre. In the bloodthirsty world of Agon you will form clans and battle your fellow players for dominance. Recruit your friends and allies, engage in epic land and naval battles to conquer fortresses and clan cities, interact with thousands of concurrent players and carve yourself an everlasting legend!

To rectify the situation, Aventurine is prepping the a patch that it hopes will resolve these issues. While it will solve other problems, it's being tailored to tackle a few primary trouble spots. Primarily, the patch will address class imbalances at high skill tiers and will also try to work on fixing time-to-kill issues that are keeping many players from experimenting outside of the hardier Warrior class.

Users will also find changes in the way skills are timed with "net gains from transfers [increased] while cooldown is decreased." These alterations will be accompanied by a bevy of alterations to the game's skills and combat mechanics meant to help re-balance the various character classes following the other changes made by the patch.

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