EverQuest Next Loves Time-Lapse Videos Showing Off Landmark

| 1 Oct 2013 15:27
EverQuest Next Landmark

Before and after shots are pretty impressive.

It will still be awhile before players can get their hands on EverQuest Next, but Sony Online Entertainment continues to build anticipation for the associated landscaping spinoff game Landmark with another time-lapsed video.

In this video, the Landmark user takes a relatively barren Mars-style landscape and turns it into a hellish looking vista straight out of Dante's Inferno. The time-lapsed scene compresses 49 minutes of work into about a minute and a half. Of course, this is the handiwork of a skilled SOE Landmark developer, so results may vary in a player's hands.

SOE is hoping that it gets plenty of players involved with Landmark, promising that some of the best terraforming work will actually appear in EverQuest Next, possibly as additions to Player Studio, the EQN store for player-generated content.

If you are sufficiently mesmerized by the video below, then you may want to check out the three http://www.warcry.com/news/view/127093-See-EverQuest-Next-Landmark-in-Action" title="" target="_blank">previous time-lapsed videos, and then salivate uncontrollably until you can start the process yourself once Landmark is released later this year.

EverQuest Next

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