Guild Wars 2 Endures Twilight Assault

| 2 Oct 2013 14:23
Guild Wars 2 Twilight Assault

Scarlet Briar continues to be a pain in the assault for Guild Wars 2 players in the latest update.

No sooner is the dragon dead, and already Scarlet Briar is back to bother the Guild Wars 2 player base again. Being repelled in her Clockwork Invasion wasn't enough. Now she assaulting Twilight Arbor.

A new dungeon has been unlocked called Aetherblade Path, with several new bosses and puzzles to solve to get through the instance unscathed. The last boss will also drop Deadly Blossoms and Empyreal Fragments crafting materials. The official site has an overview of the new instance.

In addition, there have been some bug fixes, balance changes and general polishing. Some modifications have been made to Runes, as well as PvP and World v. World content.

Finally, The Black Lion Trading Company Gem Store has some new specials, and has undergone a bit of an upgrade. You'll have to visit to get all the goodies.

Source: Patch Notes

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