Wildstar Dev Details Planned Interface Changes

| 3 Oct 2013 16:25

Carbine plans to implement changes to Wildstar's leveling, abilities and quest interfaces that will make them more and informative and entertaining.

In a recent post on the official Wildstar website, Carbine Studio's David Bass offered some updates on improvements that the developer has in the works. The posting detailed several interface and mechanical changes that should hopefully help Wildstar take another step toward the high quality release both the developer and the game's fans hope to achieve. Key among the changes being made were alterations to the game's leveling, ability and quest system interfaces.

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For instance, in an effort to make the leveling system more interesting and informative Carbine is working to institute improved menus better suited to the needs of Wildstar's players. "When you level, you'll be able to click to pop open a window, showing you all the new class benefits, game features, and so on that you've unlocked with your new level," explained Bass. "By making what you've unlocked much clearer, leveling up feels much more like a celebration, and less like a paralyzing choice of what to do or where to go next."

The ability interface will privy to a similar round of revisions, aimed at "making it much clearer which abilities fit into which spec." Carbine's plan is to add more in-depth sorting features that make it easier for players to define "their Action Set with the abilities they want much faster."

The quest system, in turn, will be see alterations to the way it display's and determines quest progress. "Quest objectives are no longer listed as "Kill 6 Squirgs," said Bass. "Instead, you gain progress across a bar the more creatures you kill." The bar, in turn, will fill more quickly if you take down a powerful enemy counting toward your objective. "Kill a Squirg? Maybe you earn 16 percent towards your quest objective. Take on a MEGASQUIRG DESTROYER? Suddenly you've completed 40 percent of your quest with one badass kill." Players will also now be able to partake in "open tagging" where they can join up with random players if they see them "having trouble with a critter." Helping another player defeat an enemy will earn you a portion of experience and loot.

Source: Wildstar Online

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