The League of Legends World Championships Recap

| 6 Oct 2013 18:44

Game 1

Though Royal managed to gain a quick turret in under six minutes, SK Telecom truly set the tone of the match with a first blood from famous mid-laner Faker. Playing as one of his favorite champs, Gragas, he picked up two quick kills on his mid-lane counterpart Wh13tzZ, giving Faker a quick advantage he exploited later.

Worlds 2013 8

Royal was still in it early game, exchanging kills and winning a few team fights in impressive fashion. Missteps and overaggressiveness were eventually Royal's undoing, however, as SKT continued to find advantages and push extremely hard, leaving Royal on their heels. With Faker continuing to bully in the mid lane, Royal found themselves unable to gain traction anywhere.

Following a bungled team fight mid, and another failure to prevent a SKT from killing Baron, Royal made what would be their last stand at their bottom base turret. Royal struck first, initiating Faker's Gragas, who quickly escaped. As Royal converged to kill Faker, they were picked off one-by-one by the rest of SKT, who snagged an ace. This allowed SKT to push into Royal's base and destroy their nexus in just over 30 minutes.

Worlds 2013 13

Game 2

The next match began much more balanced, with both teams exchanging kills early and making great plays. However, SKT truly began to pull away in their gold lead. Though the kills remained relatively even early game, SKT picked up two turrets and an uncontested dragon, putting them thousands of gold ahead of Royal.

Even with a 4,000 gold deficit, Royal managed to win a team fight mid, picking up an ace and later a dragon kill. As the gold count began to even out, Royal engaged in another team fight at dragon, picking up two quick kills. But, instead of returning to lane or pushing other objectives, they decided to chase through SKT's jungle, an overly-aggressive move that resulted in the deaths of two Royal players.

That chase seemed to be the turning point of the game, as Royal never quite recovered. Toss in an extremely messy team fight that went 1-5 in SKT's favor, an SKT Baron kill, and some other missteps on Royal's part, and SKT was at a clear advantage. SKT Piglet's Ezreal also became an unsurmountable challenge, picking up a triple kill and a quadra kill. Eventually, SKT lost a team fight mid, and SKT was able to push straight to the nexus, ending the game in under 40 minutes.

Worlds 2013 11

Game 3

The final game of 2013's LCS World Championship was nothing but pure dominance on the part of SKT. Time and again, they punished Royal for any aggression, and it became clear within minutes of the game that Royal was simply being outplayed. SKT managed to pull of some of the best kiting I've ever witnessed, leaving Royal with little answer to their opponent's skill level.

At only 19 minutes into the game, SKT boasted a 9-2 kill lead, a 6-2 turret lead, a 10k gold lead, and a Baron kill. With this unbelievable advantage, SKT was able to push straight to the nexus turrets from top lane and secure the victory in under 21 minutes, making it one of the fastest victories in LCS history.

Worlds 2013 14

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