Allods Online Launches Subscription Servers

| 7 Oct 2013 09:03
Allods Online

Allods Online is offering temporary discounts on its new subscription services until October 15th.

While many might see them as the savior of some MMOs, there are probably more than a few who find microtransactions and all they entail to be annoying. Recognizing this, the folks at Webzen have opted to launch new subscription-based servers for their fantasy MMORPG Allods Online.

Allods Online
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Allods Online pushes your typical fantasy MMO into a brave new territory. Craft your personal character out of the many different races and archetypes. Once you get used to solid ground, it's time to take to the stars. Build your own personal ship, engage in ship-to-ship fights and discover new territories. Filled to the brim with unique designs, Allods Online is a well-polished MMO that does things its own way.

The Goblin Republic (Europe) and Smuggler's Paradise (United States) servers will, for a fee, remove all aspects of the game dealing with the Allods Cash Shop and the attached micropayments. "Users can now choose joining a subscription based server and spend their gPotato currency to purchase subscription time and simply enjoy the game," said the company. "With the new payment method there is no need to worry about Runes, Patronage Rank 5, Elixirs or Strongbox bonuses as these among few other items and features will be removed from the game."

The hope is to provide an environment where interested players can create and advance their characters using only "in-game currency received from completing quests and other activities." In turn, players would need to start new characters on the subscription servers due to "discrepancies of goods and game variables between payment methods." Understanding that this might be burdensome to players, Webzen has built a 30 percent increase in the rate of experience collection into the news servers as a perk to help subscribers advance more quickly.

According to separate announcement, interested players will be able to purchase subscription time in blocks or 30, 90 and 180 days. 30 days will cost 10€/month ($14), 90 days 8€/month ($11), and 180 days 7€/month($10). Webzen is offering an introductory offer discounting the 90 and 180 days tiers until October 15th.

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