EverQuest Next Dev Diary Talks Crafting and Inventory

| 8 Oct 2013 10:16
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Players will have 50 different resources to craft with and three types of inventory in which to store them in EverQuest Next.

In an effort to help further expose prospective players to EverQuest Next, Sony Online Entertainment has released the first in a planned series of developer diaries aimed at explaining the game and its mechanics. This first video, subtitled "Break It, Take It, Make It," focused in on the MMORPG's crafting and inventory systems.

Players interested in crafting items should find EQN filled to the brim with options and opportunities. According to creative director Jeff Butler, the game will boast more than 50 unique resources split across varying categories like metal, gems and wood. These resources can be experimented or used with recipes to piece together custom weapons and items that can give players an upper hand in gameplay.

Resources can, in turn, be stored in one of three different types of inventory. Personal inventory will represent what a character is carrying with them at a given time. Claim inventory will be storage space players access via chests within the bounds of their claims. Vaults meanwhile can be built in one's claim and then accessed through other vaults located around the world.

The vault in particular is being designed to help foster cooperative crafting between players. "If I want to go to your claim to help you build I can simply pull the resources out of my vault," said Butler. Butler also confirmed that "all three of those inventories can be expanded in one way or another through progression."

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