Age of Wushu Details Forbidden Grounds Instances

| 8 Oct 2013 11:16
Age of Wushu Forbidden Grounds

Age of Wushu unveiled the Forbidden Grounds content for the Tangmen, Scholar, Royal Guards and Wanderer's Valley schools.

One of the key components of Age of Wushu is its system of schools that players can join to develop their character and skills. Recently, the game's developer, Snail Games, released an announcement showing off new Forbidden Grounds instances for four of the game's eight schools. The completion of these instances will be required to "obtain your School's apex of strength and power." Now, Snail has unveiled the final four Forbidden Grounds for the Tangmen, Scholar, Royal Guard and Wanderer's Valley Schools.

Age of Wushu
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Age of Wushu is a free-to-play 3D martial arts MMO, inspired by the lore of medieval China. As a member of one of eight factions, players will develop their characters, learn new skills and take part in both PvE and PvP combat. The game will be entirely skill-based, without classes or levels, and the martial arts combat is enhanced by superhuman abilities.

Practitioners of the Tangmen school will be required to visit the Great Poison Palace where they'll encounter the sole survivor of the Hall of the Secrets, a group massacred by the Tangmen in years past. This survivor aims to exact vengeance on the Tangmen by stealing one of the schools most priceless treasures. Players will have to stop his plan and save the relic.

Devotees of the Scholar school, in turn, will be asked to enter the Villa of the Departed. Once home to master musicians and martial artist, am unexplained event killed all of its inhabitants. Hoping to discover the truth of what happened, your character will be tasked with investigating the Villa, learning the truth, and taking down the culprit.

The Royal Guard's Forbidden Instance will take players to the realm of Purgatory where they'll will be need to uncover the truth behind powerful secrets hidden away by past members. Finally, the Wanderer's Valley school will send members to the Cavern of the Lost Souls where they'll encounter a mystery that, of course, needs deciphering. Players looking forward to the Forbidden Grounds content can expect them and more in an update slated for this winter.

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