The Elder Scrolls Online Dev Discusses Armor, Weapons and Veteran Points

| 8 Oct 2013 12:15
Elder Scrolls Online

In a new "variety pack" Ask Us Anything, Zenimax Online discussed several topics including gear diversity and the workings of veteran points in The Elder Scrolls Online.

In a new Ask Us Anything pertaining to The Elder Scroll Online, Zenimax Online tackled a mixture of topics in a "variety pack" session. In turn, the new post covered a diverse range of topics including armor varieties, resurrection, veteran points and conjuration.

On the arms and armor front, for instance, the developer responded to an inquiry regarding how weapons would look and whether or not there would be expanded visual diversity when compared to past games. "Our weapons and armor will have a lot of varied appearances," replied Zenimax. According to the studio, weapons and armor will change visually depending on a character's level progression. "At level one, an Orcish sword will look one way, and at level 50 an Orcish sword will look very different. There are other styles of armor and weapons in addition to the nine racial styles, unique weapons and armor, different tints for all of the armor, and different materials armor can be made from." Players will also be able to mix and match armor as they please.

The Elder Scrolls Online
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Explore the rich world of Tamriel with your friends in The Elder Scrolls Online. The elements that make TES a unique experience will be there, includes an emphasis on exploration, visceral real-time combat, and immersion into an ancient world. Set a millennium before Skyrim, TESO is a rich world where three factions vie for throne of an empire. It's an ancient time of heroes an legends. It's time to make your mark.

Zenimax also detailed the game's system of veteran points and how they'll work as a compliment to traditional leveling. "If you're level 50, you'll get Veteran Points for accomplishing that goal. When you get enough Veteran Points, you go up in Veteran Rank," explained the developer. "You'll get Veteran Points for accomplishing certain tasks in the game. Imagine you were told you needed to kill a specific NPC or monster in a dungeon." Completing such acts could result in Veteran Points. The points themselves will grant additional stat boosts, abilities and make certain tiers of weaponry and armor available for use.

The post also included details concerning the game's resurrection system and conjuration magic. When a player is killed in The Elder Scrolls Online they'll be able to use a Soul Gem to resurrect themselves on the spot. Players will be able to acquire Soul Gems with the Soul Trap spell or by purchasing them in shops at a premium. Conjuration, in turn, is being tweaked from the single player version to be more useful in PvP combat. Summoned creatures, for instance, will have upgradable skills to make them more powerful and useful. To view the full extent of this latest Ask Us Anything article, visit the official Elder Scrolls Online website.

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