Promised Darkfall Class Patch Changes Detailed by Developer

| 8 Oct 2013 19:42
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Aventurine SA will be implementing extensive changes to armor, stats and skills to help remedy class balance issues in Darkfall: Unholy Wars.

Recently, Aventurine SA announced that it was prepping a patch to help mend ongoing disparities in the class system of Darkfall: Unholy Wars. Now, the company has revealed deeper details into exactly what changes it has planned.

DarkFall: Unholy Wars
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Darkfall Unholy Wars is an intense full PvP MMORPG that combines real-time action and strategy in a fantasy setting. The game pushes the envelope of MMOs by featuring the largest seamless and zoneless world of its kind, and is able to host upwards of ten thousand concurrent users per server. Without instances or other designed roadblocks to player interaction, Darkfall Unholy Wars is redefining the MMORPG genre. In the bloodthirsty world of Agon you will form clans and battle your fellow players for dominance. Recruit your friends and allies, engage in epic land and naval battles to conquer fortresses and clan cities, interact with thousands of concurrent players and carve yourself an everlasting legend!

For instance, one of its goals was to balance time-to-kill issues in the game's higher skill tiers. Toward that end, Aventurine will be implementing adjustments to the piercing protections for all of the game's armor. This will lead to Warrior characters, grossly overpowered in the current game build, receiving more damage while weaker classes like the Skirmisher and Elementalist will see a boost to the defensive qualities of their gear.

Increases to health and stamina will also be implemented across the board to help normalize character stats regardless of their role. The Elementalist will see a base health and stamina increase of 14 and 7 percent, while the Skirmisher will receive a boost of 7 and 14 percent to its health and mana. In turn, the Warrior will be gifted with an additional 7 percent stamina and 14 percent mana. Finally, the Primalist will receive a base health, stamina and mana boost of 7 percent.

The patch will also bring changes to the arrow wobble mechanic, which the developers didn't think was living up to its full potential. To make it more useful "the 'shrinking' time for all roles has been greatly reduced." The targeting reticle has also been altered has also been "tweaked in order to have it start as soon as the projectile [is] ready to be released." The hope is that this change will make players more likely to use arrows which have been arguably "irrelevant" up to this point.

The patch will also put into place a bevy of changes to each class's skills, with the general trend being that they're now easier to use and more effective. To view the full extent of the changes being implemented, the official announcement is available at the Darkfall website.

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