Infinite Crisis Dev Video Highlights Destructible Environments

| 10 Oct 2013 11:23
Infinite Crisis

Turbine has released a new behind-the-scenes video showing off and explaining the benefits of Infinite Crisis' destructible environments.

Hoping to better acquaint players with the development of its DC Comics-based MOBA Infinite Crisis, Turbine has released a new video for its fans. The third in an ongoing series of behind-the-scenes looks at the game, the latest video is focused on the studio's attempts to give more consequence to the havoc wreaked by players.

"We want a world always feeling the impact of these superheroes," said creative director Cardell Kerr. In turn, Infinite Crisis will feature destructible environments that players will essentially be able to flatten with their powers. "The destructible environments really help to sell your role as hero or villain in the world," added Brent Schmidt, lead content designer.

Aside from helping to give a bit more definition to the heroes and villains players will be embodying, the destructible environments will also be implemented in a way that can give skilled players an edge in battle. "Catastrophic events are gameplay and they're things you can master because you can anticipate them," said game system designer Dan Parke. "They have a big impact on the map. They are things that cause you to rethink your strategy." Catastrophic events will do things like block off areas of the map, forcing players to compensate on the fly.

Overall, however, Turbine's biggest hope is that the destruction players are capable of will help give the game a greater sense of scope and keep the experience true to the epic roots of its source material. Champion designer Chris Clay believes "It gives [players] a feeling of being powerful."

Source: YouTube

Infinite Crisis

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