Rift Autumn Harvest Content Coming October 17th

| 11 Oct 2013 11:31
Rift Autumn Harvest

Rift players will be able to gain access to a variety of Halloween-themed items and loot with the launch of the game's Autumn Harvest content.

With Halloween just around the corner, every MMO and its brother has been prepping season-themed content to help get their users in the spooky spirit. Enter Rift which, has also confirmed that it will be delivering Halloween content in the form of the Autumn Harvest update on October 17.

Players should find the world "stocked to the brim with ghoulish Warfronts, Spectral mounts, and Atrophinius' stable of mischievous Fae." The Autumn Harvest event will center around the aforementioned Atrophinius and his quest to restock his stores with mead and other supplies for the rest of the year.

Players will be tasked with helping Atrophinius in his efforts. In turn, they'll be pitted against werewolves, vampires and those nasty little scarab things from that Brendan Frasier movie. These quests, in turn will earn players special reward tokens that can be spent on Spectral mounts and other rarities.

The Autumn Harvest will also bring plenty of new items and outfits that players can purchase in the Rift store to celebrate the season. These will include Halloween-themed masks, limited edition grab bags, supply crates, a new Dimension and items, a ninja costume and other assorted goodies.

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