Limited Edition League of Legends Skins Returning For Re-Release

| 11 Oct 2013 17:01
League of Legends skins

Riot Games plans to re-release 34 limited League of Legend skins that it sold between 2009 and 2011.

Between 2009 and 2011, Riot Games released of 34 limited edition character skins in League of Legends that the company, at the time, never intended to sell again. The years since, however, have seen the game's fanbase grow so exponentially that the limited skins rarely appear in current games. "Every day we receive heartfelt emails with compelling stories from players asking for the chance to own or gift their favorite skin, either because they missed the brief store window due to travel, illness, deployment, etc., or because they hadn't joined the [League of Legends] community yet," said Riot in a statement.

League Of Legends
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League of Legends files the sharp corners off of the notorious MOBA genre into something that's both approachable, yet challenging. Persistant character development lets you develop your strategies over time and build up your summoner profile, while runes can grant you the edge. The community is both highly competitive, yet well-policed. Think you have what it takes to compete in the League of Legends?

That in mind, Riot has decided to do a limited re-release of these now unavailable skins. For several months in 2013 and 2014, the studio will be selling the character skins in batches. During the month of October, for instance, the Harrowing 2010 & 2011 skins will be back on sale. December 2013, in turn will see the return of the Snowdown Showdown 2009 & 2010 skins. The Winter Games 2010 collection will be re-released in February 2014 and, finally, the World Cup 2010 skins will be made available in June of that same year.

Recognizing that these re-releases could potentially irk players who originally bought the limited edition skins expecting them to stay limited, Riot will reward those early buyers with RP equal to what they paid for the skins and "vintage treatment on the loading screen whenever they use the skin." The 34 skins, in turn, will henceforth be counted as Legacy skins and may reappear in the future for special events. "We believe this is the best solution for the overall playerbase," said Riot.

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