NYCC 2013 League of Legends Cosplay Gallery

| 15 Oct 2013 20:15

This year at NYCC, some dedicated fans showed off their League of Legends style.

This year at New York Comic Con, League of Legends was represented in force by its fan base. Although Riot Games wasn't in attendance personally, the game's players showed their love with costumes of all kinds. Check out my favorites from Thursday and Friday below:

5. image

This crossplayed Ziggs was the bomb.


4. image

Kudos to Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate for the glowing cards and enduring all that body paint.

3. image

Spot on classic Shen.

2. image

This lovely Ahri had me charmed from the start.

1. image

This Syndra also had me charmed, but without the clever pun to mitigate the creepiness. Wonderfully done costume, and bonus points for the awesome dark sphere.

To see the full gallery of League of Legends cosplayers at NYCC, check out the gallery below.

League Of Legends

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