Infinite Crisis Adds Atomic Green Lantern

| 16 Oct 2013 12:12
Infinite Crisis Atomic Green Lantern

Infinite Crisis is adding Atomic Green Lantern, a Rad-based melee fighter with impressive reach.

Turbine has announced the addition of a new Champion to its DC comics-based MOBA, Infinite Crisis. The in-development game, which already features a healthy selection of popular DC heroes and villains, is adding in Atomic Green Lantern and has released a video showcasing the character's skills and tactics.

Described by Turbine as a "melee bruiser with a long reach" Atomic Green Lantern will boast bevy of skills based centrally around his radioactive nature. Many of his special attacks will generate "Rads" that work to strengthen him. The Shards of Will skill, for instance, creates a health shield that is made stronger if you're fighting enemies that have built up Rads.

The key to using Atomic Green Lantern, in turn, is exploit the radioactive nature of his attacks to build up Rads among your opponents that will then strengthen your assault. He also excels at initiating team fights and, thanks to special attacks like Grab and Meltdown, can dole out ranged damage that is unique for a character otherwise committed to pummeling opponents in melee. Players interested in taking Atomic Green Lantern for a spin can apply for access to the ongoing Infinite Crisis closed beta.

Infinite Crisis

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