Lineage II Announces New Valiance Expansion

| 16 Oct 2013 17:23
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NCsoft has confirmed it will be releasing the Valiance expansion for Lineage II later this year.

NCsoft, the publisher behind Lineage II, has announced that it has a new expansion in the works for the fantasy MMO. The Valiance update aims to challenge the "best of the best" of the game's player base while also introducing a new storyline that will "[wreak] havoc across the lands" as "old threats resurface and battles long thought won begin anew."

Lineage 2
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The world of Lineage II is a war-torn land spanning two continents, where trust and betrayal clash as three kingdoms vie for power. These kingdoms share a delicate balance of power; however, within each kingdom they are vulnerable to internal strife, as each manor has strong desire for self-rule. Players rule supreme in this brutal and beautiful world filled with magical beasts, large scale conflict, territories to conquer and rival clans to battle. With a strong emphasis on PvP, you may find challenges around every corner in Lineage II, but you have the means to protect yourself. Develop your character and obtain the power to enforce your will upon the realm. Seize your destiny and allow your own hand to write the history of this world!

The contents of the Valiance update will be various. For instance, the Hellbound zone, a popular hunting ground among players will be receiving significant enhancements in the form of upgraded areas and new hunting parties. The game's skill system will also see a boos tin the form of some 25 new abilities as well as a bevy of improvements to skills already existing in the game. Players will also be able to enhance their character's skills with a new abilities system that can be used to make "them more powerful and effective." The game will also see the return of popular raid bosses from the Lineage II's past.

Though no specific release date has been revealed for the Valiance expansion, NCsoft has confirmed that it plans to launch the new content "later this year." With only a few months left in 2013 Lineage II players shouldn't find themselves waiting too long for the Valiance content to rear its head.

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