Neverwinter Launches Coins of Waukeen Event

| 18 Oct 2013 11:30

Neverwinter is hosting the Coins of Waukeen event until October 21st.

The developers of the Dungeons & Dragons MMO Neverwinter have announced the beginning of the Coins of Waukeen event. Based around Waukeen, the goddess of Coins and Wealth, players who participate in the event will be able to earn Coin Purses they can cash in or trade for special prizes. The event will run until 10AM PDT on October 21st.

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Coins of Waukeen will be restricted to adventurers level 10 or higher and will reward players who spend time defending the game's trade and merchant routes. If, while doing this, they kill a monster within 7 levels of their own, they'll have a chance to win one of the aforementioned Coin Purses.

Upon obtaining one of Waukeen's Coin Purses players will be given the choice to either open it right away and claim the rewards held within or to head over to the Moonstone Mask Tavern in the Protector's Enclave where they can trade in their collected purses to earn even greater prizes. Trading in eight purses for instance, will net you Waukeen's Strongbox. 32 purses, in turn, can be traded in for Waukeen's Treasure Chest.

All three of Waukeen's event rewards will, of course, yield some nice rewards including Astral Diamonds, dye packs, coins of Waukeen, and special clothing items in the case of the Strongbox and Treasure Chest. For a full list of the planned rewards feel free to visit the official Neverwinter website.

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