Star Wars: The Old Republic: Galactic Starfighter Solely Features PvP Combat

| 21 Oct 2013 20:05
Star Wars The Old Republic Galactic Starfighter Expansion Screen 01

Star Wars: The Old Republic players won't be facing AI enemies in the upcoming Galactic Starfighter expansion.

Players who enjoy a little space combat in their Star Wars were certainly excited to hear about BioWare's upcoming The Old Republic expansion: Galactic Starfighter. The content update promised epic starfighter battles far beyond the usual on-rails shooting, complete with new game modes, battle zones, and unique XP upgrades. Unfortunately, while Galactic Starfighter goes a long way towards completing the Star Wars experience, it still can't offer fans everything. For example, Galactic Starfight deals exclusively in PvP content, so those who don't like fighting against other players will need to stick to those rail missions.

The issue was recently discussed by the Unnamed SWTOR Podcast, who spoke with BioWare's Damion Schubert, Andrew Horwitz, and Eric Musco at the Community Cantina Q&A in New York. "I asked about the possibility that Galactic Starfighter was designed with PvE in mind," the podcast's host explained. "[BioWare] said no, it was not. That is far far far far far down on the wall of crazy, is PvE Starfighter. [BioWare] said the biggest problems would be with scripting and 3-D AI; things that they don't have in the game they would basically have to write fresh ... And for them to do that in space would be a lot of work. So problems with scripting and AI would be reasons that we won't be seeing PvE Galactic Starfighter."

Even if the lack of PvE is understandable, for many fans, it's disappointing nonetheless. Many MMO fans prefer to explore MMO worlds without human players, especially in a game like The Old Republic which provides you with AI companions. Perhaps, once Galactic Starfighter officially launches next year, BioWare can review the prospects of adding PvE content to the game via patch.

Galactic Starfighter arrives for subscribers on December 3rd, and for free-to-play users on February 4th, 2014.

Source: Unnamed SWTOR Podcast, via Massively

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