Marvel Heroes Adds to Squirrel Girl to Its Roster

| 22 Oct 2013 11:38
Marvel Heroes Squirrel Girl

Marvel Heroes has added the bright-eyed and bushy tailed heroine Squirrel Girl to its cast of playable heroes.

I hope you'll excuse me for having never heard of Squirrel Girl before now. Despite being a consistent reader of several running Marvel series, she's just not a character I've encountered in the past. That said, she's just recently joined the playable cast of Marvel Heroes and, if the trailer is any indicator, I might be an instant fan. I mean, how do you get better than a superhero with squirrel powers? I'm fairly certain there must be mathematical equations proving it to be impossible.

While the trailer delivers more humor than useful information about the character, she possesses some nifty skills, including the ability to swarm her enemies with squirrels. Players interested in adding Squirrel Girl to their Marvel Heroes roster can acquire her through several avenues.

Firstly, members who purchased the pre-launch Ultimate Pack will automatically gain access to Squirrel Girl and all the attached goodies. Her Hero Pack can also be purchased from the Marvel Heroes web store and from the in-game store itself. Players looking to save real world dollars can also purchase the character with 400 Eternity Splinters collected in-game. If you're interested in chatting about Squirrel Girl and trading tips on how to best use her abilities will find ongoing discussions at the Marvel Heroes Squirrel Girl forum.

Source: Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes

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