DayZ Early Access Package Appears in Steam Database

| 24 Oct 2013 10:04
DayZ - Zombies

A new Steam database entry has been uncovered suggesting that the standalone version of DayZ could be set for Early Access.

It's been awhile since the DayZ team's initial reveal that it would be fashioning a standalone version of its popular Arma 2 mod. In that time, the game delayed well past its original 2012 release date, much to the chagrin of fans eager to get their hands on the new and improved version of the game. If recent events are any indicator, however, those fans may not have much longer to wait.

Day Z
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A mod of Bohemia Interactive's ARMA 2, DayZ is a massively multiplayer survival horror game. In DayZ you play a lone survivor exploring a massive, persistent countryside in search of supplies to keep you alive in a world overrun by zombies. In addition to fighting the undead you'll need to manage hunger, thirst and contend with other players who may prove friends or enemies depending on their own momentary whims.

A new Steam package for DayZ has been uncovered suggesting that the game is in line to receive an Early Access release to the popular distribution service. While it's not a confirmation by an means, the package included some juicy tidbits that suggest something is in the works. These include an app titled "DayZ" as well as another dubbed "DayZ Server." The latter piece might suggest that players could potentially host their own servers in the new standalone version.

While the game's developers offered some comments on the Steam package, they weren't willing to confirm or deny any upcoming release. "All I can say is that progress has been very good, we're a mix of nervous and excited," said DayZ creator Dean Hall. "As I'd stated on my twitter when I announced my break from social media/updates, we are on the final lap. Part of the final process involves the actual administration of the release, which is actually surprisingly complex and time-consuming." He went on to affirm that there is, presently, no planned release date. "There is no release date announcement and we're 100 percent focused on getting the alpha out the door."

Source: The Escapist

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