Diablo 3 Launches 'Design a Legendary' Community Event

| 24 Oct 2013 14:32
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Ever wanted to design your own legendary weapon? Diablo 3 takes their players behind the red curtain.

The developers for Diablo 3 at Blizzard recently opened up a new community event in which their players can contribute to a collectively designed legendary melee weapon that will be placed into the game at some point in the future.

The legendary item in question was intentionally limited to a melee weapon by the Blizzard staff, which Lylirra, the Community Manager for Diablo 3, justified in her post by saying,

The first reason is that Legendary weapons typically have a very strong visual identity. Unlike other item types-like a ring or a belt, for example-you can see the weapon you're wielding, often very prominently. This is important because, in addition to discussing the mechanical design of Legendary items (its stats and powers), we also want to talk about their visual design, and that's much easier to do when you've got something that's bigger and has a lot of visible components.

The second reason is that Legendary weapons are iconic, and there's a much stronger fantasy behind them than, let's say, a helm or pair of pants. As a result, players tend to identify with weapons more than any other item type. That doesn't mean the other types are any less important, but Legendary weapons are certainly more recognizable and carry more street cred (so to speak).

As for why a melee weapon instead of a ranged weapon (or both)? Pretty simple. Of the weapon types available to all classes, melee weapons are used more often.

Though this announcement has been distressing for many Demon Hunter players (a ranged-only class in Diablo 3) who call foul play, many other players have excitedly leapt at the opportunity to take part in the design process, offering further suggestions on how to design the weapon in the comments section.

The official outcome of the weapon will be left up to the Diablo 3 community to vote and design over the next few weeks. The first stage of the event focuses on choosing which type of melee weapon the legendary will be, so followers with a Battle.net account can log on to the D3 website and cast their vote. The poll will close on Wednesday, October 30th, so if you're interested in contributing to the design of this new item, be sure to make your voice heard soon.

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Source: Diablo 3 Website via Reddit

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