League of Legends Shares Preseason Goals with Players

| 24 Oct 2013 15:40
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League of Legends will be undergoing some serious changes in the next few weeks.

With Season 3 of League of Legends coming to a close in the next month, Riot Games is planning their next set of big changes to come to the game. In order to keep the community up to speed, and to explain their design philosophy for the upcoming season, Morello, a Lead Designer for League of Legends, wrote an update post offering a preview of the changes to come in the new season.

While League of Legends has undergone a major update between every previous season, these changes appear to be the biggest changes made since the game's beta. In his post, Morello explains that the goals for season 4 are based heavily on player feedback, and that the designers' mission is to, "...refine League of Legends while also creating a deeper, clearer and more satisfying player experience." In addition to new features such as the team builder , Riot is focusing on three clear design goals:

  • Introduce more gameplay and strategy when it comes to map vision and wards.
  • Ensure all roles and positions can experience power-growth and progression in ways that promote skill
  • Improve game pacing and reduce team snowballing

In his post Morello simply outlines a number of the changes coming to League of Legends, including a new Trinket system, a rebuilt jungle with better reward flow and a new monster camp, improvements to support gold flow and utility, improvements to experience and game flow, and meta-game changes to Runes and Masteries.

To help further flesh out how they will achieve these goals, Riot will be having a number of their development teams explain each system individually in the coming days on the League of Legends website. Morello also stated at the end of his post that the development teams will be hosting Reddit AMAs over the next few weeks to answer questions, though no official information was given in regards to times or dates. It seems that League of Legends fans have yet another reason to stay glued to the game as Season 3 comes to a close.

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Source: League of Legends website

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