Champions Online Making Changes to Weaken Dodge Skills

| 25 Oct 2013 11:17
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In an effort to balance some overpowered character builds, Cryptic has plans to weaken the Dodge stat in Champions Online.

Cryptic, the studio behind the superhero-centric MMORPG Champions Online, has announced that it will be instituting some changes to the way that dodging and avoidance work in the game. According to the developer, "[some issues] have emerged with the current Dodge and Crit systems." Apparently, under Champions' existing system, dodging and avoidance are a bit overpowered, serving as a "potent defense for anyone who equipped an item with a Dodge rating bonus."

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This unfortunately has evolved into a situation where "it was overshadowing other defensive options" and allowing some character builds to be "more durable than was ever intended." This has had the adverse effect of somewhat unbalancing the game and "leading to builds that [aren't] mechanically interesting, with little power diversity."

To combat this problem, Cryptic is looking into implementing several changes that will reduce the effectiveness of Dodge based skills while still leaving them useful for players who prefer them. The most basic option being explored, of course, is reducing the effectiveness of the Dodge stat. Additionally, the studio plans to institute "Flat Dodge Chance Bonuses" that will lead to more "thematic dodging" based on powers that "grant flat dodge chance bonuses." The game will also be adding a new power for players to take advantage: Fluidity. According to the developer Fluidity will increase players' Avoidance and should be tailor made for "hero concepts that avoid damage through agility, rather than toughness."

The game will also be making some minor changes to its Critical Chance and Offense stats that will lead to fewer critical hits and make Offense "account for a larger share of total damage" in combat. Cryptic has designed these changes to make sure they "don't require any immediate power changes" from players, instead hoping to "open up new possibilities for designing future powers."

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