Marvel Heroes Adding Loki As a Playable Character

| 31 Oct 2013 09:50
marvel heroes loki

Marvel Heroes will shortly be launching an Asgardian update that will add new story content and the villain Loki as a playable character.

Fans of Marvel Heroes will have a lot to look forward to next week. According to Gazillion, the superhero-centric MMO will be rolling out a new expansion that will contain four new chapters set in Asgard. While players will have to do a bit of work to gain access to the Asgardian entry hub, namely clearing Norway of Frost Giants and Dark Elves, the new chapters should be well worth it.

In addition to new story content, players will now find themselves privy to a new Legendary item slow that will be occupied by special equipment that will gain experience and level up with the player. These new Legendary items will gain stats and passive bonuses as they increase in strength, making them well worth the investment of 500 Odin Mark which can be earned through special Legendary quests.

Perhaps the biggest bit of news to come out of the upcoming update however is the addition of Loki as a new playable character. As with all Marvel Heroes characters, Loki will come packaged with three power trees that players will be able to access. These power sets will be centered on the character's illusion abilities, frost magic and give him the power to transform into a Frost Giant for extra melee damage. Loki will also come complete with a costume option based on Tom Hiddelston's film version of the character, giving fans of the Marvel movie universe another reason to celebrate.

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