Life is Feudal Dev Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

| 2 Nov 2013 12:35
Life is Feudal 9

Bitbox is trying to raise 200,000 Euros to continue the development of its medieval MMORPG Life is Feudal.

Life is Feudal, Russian developer Bitbox's realistic medieval MMORPG, recently entered the opening stages of an IndieGoGo campaign that it hopes will help it raise money to finish the game. "We have reached a point where additional external funding is required for us to complete the development and release our game, and we spent many nights and days weighing our options," said the developer on its IndieGoGo page. "the development and release our game, and we spent many nights and days weighing our options."

The developer ultimately opted to go the crowdfunding route and is currently seeking 200,000 Euros to finish the game. With forty-four days left the current funds raise total to 800 Euros. Contributor tiers, in turn, run the gamut from a low end of 4 Euros to an upper limit of 10,000 Euros. Bitbox is offering players a variety of rewards for potential contributions including a spot in the game's credits, in-game character titles, game purchases, access to an exclusive forum, skills boosts, early access top alpha and beta tests, in-game real estate and even a spot in the game's lore.

In case its campaign goes well, Bitbox is already planning a variety of stretch goals. For instance, if the campaign raises 275,000 Euros, the studio will work to add a "complex ecosystem" to the game including weather patterns effected by latitude and farming that's affected by rain. The team's planned stretch goals max out 700,000 Euros at which point it will offer "players everything they will ever need to turn their depleted mine tunnels into a full-scale dungeons maze with doors, traps, and monster spawns, and treasure spots." To see the full details of the game's campaign and offer a contribution, take a peek at the game's IndieGoGo page.

Life is Feudal

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