WildStar Debuts Class Ultra Drop with Warrior Dev Speak

| 7 Nov 2013 14:15
WildStar Warrior

If you're into nuclear-powered greatswords, WildStar's got some good news for you.

Kicking off its six-week Classes Ultra Drop, Carbine recently released the latest Dev Speak video, this week featuring the Warrior. Carbine's announcement also included a whole slew of new and updated information on the Warrior, including the weapons and armor that the Warrior will use, as well as the basic mechanics of the class, and a direct link to the WildStar gameplay stream, which will be featuring the Warrior on the first episode on November 9th.

The Warrior Ultra Drop opens up with descriptions of the Warrior's three primary weapons: the Power Sword, the Arm Cannon, and Brute Force. It also has a section where players can preview high-level armor for the Warrior on each of the different races, and yes, each race has unique looking armor.

The Ultra Drop also includes a breakdown of Warrior's mechanics, such as their resource type, their roles in group, and even a Q/A that answers questions such as, "Why does the warrior have a sword in a sci-fi space game?", or even, "Just how bad-ass is the warrior class in WildStar?"

The page also features a section for the WildStar gameplay stream, which will be a weekly stream demoing the game for fans, as well as introducing some of the more nuanced details of each class. On Saturday November 9th at 12pm PST, the developers at Carbine will be hosting the first official stream, in which they explore the strength and power of the Warrior.

The page itself is pretty badass, so I definitely suggest you check it out if you're interested in playing a Warrior, or even just WildStar itself. Alternatively, you could just check out the Warrior Dev Speak video below. Stay tuned for more Class Drops on WildStar Wednesdays throughout the remainder of the month.


Source: WildStar Classes Page

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