MapleStory 2 Announced

| 8 Nov 2013 16:18
MapleStory 2

A beta for MapleStory 2 will launch in Korea in 2014.

Nexon, the publisher behind the popular 2D MMO MapleStory has revealed that the game will be receiving a follow-up in the form of MapleStory 2. Set to be developed by the studio N Square, MapleStory 2 will apparently take place before the events of MapleStory. It will also eschew the 2D visuals of the original in favor of a new 3D look.

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MapleStory is a free-to-play, sidescrolling MMORPG. Featuring a huge open world, multiple social interactions, and countless quests and dungeons, MapleStory cartoon-like gameplay has entertained over 8 million players since its release in 2003. Players will construct character using a detailed customization optionss and allow them to explore Maple World's continents to their heart's content. Along the way players can form parties, join guilds, and even start in-game families and marriages. MapleStory also allows for character development through a Class and Job system, allowing players to specialize in character types that suit their particular taste.

The new game will also introduce revamped gameplay and a fresh setting that should help to separate it from its predecessor. Despite these changes however, fans of the original can expect the appearance of familiar monsters that they've fought in the past.

While Nexon has released a teaser site for the game, details for MapleStory 2 are still a bit sparse at the moment. That said,it has been confirmed that a Korea-based beta is set to kick off in 2014. Until then, fans are more than welcome to continue their adventures in the 2D, sidescrolling world of the first game.

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