WildStar Fans Uncover Hidden Hoverboards Video

| 8 Nov 2013 17:25

Thanks to the WildStar community, we now know that hoverboards will be an important part of getting around Nexus.

Following the trail on several clues left in the disclaimer for the recently release Warrior Dev Speak, WildStar fans on Reddit and WildStar-Central cracked the code left by the self-titled Disclaimer Guy, revealing a hidden video that debuted hoverboards as a method of transportation in the game.

Hidden in the disclaimer of the Warrior Dev Speak release for WildStar Wednesday was a series of clues, each more complex than the last. Using community areas such as Reddit and WildStar-Central, WildStar fans came together to solve the seven clues, which required a knowledge of BBC's series Sherlock, Korean, and Francis Bacon's Cipher.

The end result of the puzzle was a link on the official WildStar website that only has a Youtube video on it, debuting the hoverboard in WildStar. Though there is only a brief clip of the board in game, it appears to use a different physics than walking, and the video shows a character performing a trick on their board while hanging midair.

To see the hoverboards and be mocked by the Disclaimer Guy, check out the video below.


Source: Reddit
Image Source: Imgur

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