Dungeons & Dragons Online Update 20 Opens Two Dungeons, Adds Eldritch Knight

| 12 Nov 2013 14:05
DDO Update 20 2

Dungeons & Dragons Online's latest update will take players from a haunted mansion to an abandoned robotics facility, to a place outside of space and time.

Following the release of The Shadowfell Conspiracy, Dungeons & Dragons Online is keeping up the pace with Update 20, which goes live today, and will include two new free-to-play dungeons, as well as a host of new features including Epic Reincarnation, True Reincarnation, and the Eldritch Knight tree for Wizards and Sorcerers.

One of the dungeons that will be available in Update 20 for DDO is called A Study in Sable and features a spooky murder mystery that takes place in the home of Lord Sable in the Forgotten Realms. A Study in Sable is a CR 26 dungeon, and puts players on the trail of a Purple Dragon Knight who was attacked in Lord Sable's manor. The knight tells the players he fears a dark presence may be hiding in the crypt, and sends them to speak with each of the other guests around the house to gather more information. Additionally, there are a number of wings throughout the manor, including the library, the western wing, and the hedge maze, which I was pleased to find filled with topiary guardians. Throughout the dungeon, random guests will be under the presence's influence, and a random wing will be available for exploration, leading to a wide array of options and high replay value. Though I don't want to reveal any details about the final encounter of A Study in Sable, I will say that liberating the house guests from the presence's sway will result in extra loot chests, and it will improve your odds against the final boss.

The second dungeon that will become available in Update 20 is Brothers of the Forge, which is a CR 28 epic dungeon in the Eberron universe. In Brothers of the Forge, players are contacted by an ally from past adventures, Talbron Tewn the Warforged Sorcerer. Talbron brings the players to his training facility in the Mournland of Khorvaire, a high-tech robotics facility surrounded by a barren and decimated wasteland. Talbron takes you with him into the facility to find his past comrade Gorrin, leading you through killer war machines, ancient traps, and even holographs that show the Talbron's history history in the facility.

Update 20 of DDO is also adding to the Reincarnation system, which has been in the game for a number of years. Using the reincarnation system, players can effectively reroll their character at an earlier level in exchange for unique feats and extra build points for their character. In addition to adding a new UI for the reincarnation system, Turbine has also added the Epic Reincarnation system, which is also available for Iconic characters, who were introduced in the Shadowfell Conspiracy expansion.

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Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited (DDO for short) is an officially licensed, free-to-play MMO set in the most famous fantasy role-playing universe of all time. In the vast and dangerous online world of Eberron, gamers slay monsters, discover hidden treasure and evade traps left behind by an ancient race. An intense, "realistic" combat system immerses players in visceral battles against a vast array of fantasy foes and other players as a sword-swinger, a spellcaster or something in between. Playable races range from humans, elves and dwarves to the more exotic drow, half-orc and warforged, and while everything is free-to-play, convenience and customization options are available for purchase along with optional subscription plans for fans who want unlimited access to all content.

Interacting with an extra dimensional figure known as the Life Shaper, players can now undergo an Epic Reincarnation, resetting their level from 28 to 20 and gaining a custom feat based on their character type (Divine, Arcane, Martial, or Primal). Players will need a Heart of Wood to complete the ritual, which can be earned through game play or via the in-game store. When players accept their reincarnation, they will be taken to 'The Bridge Between', a haunting location hanging in space, until they're ready to pass on to the next life.

Update 20 has also added the Iconic Reincarnation, which will reset an Iconic Character from level 28 all the way back to 15 but grant them a new iconic ability. Iconic Reincarnations will also require a Heart of Wood.

Turbine is also adding a new enhancement tree for Wizards and Sorcerers who are looking to step into the fray of combat; the Eldritch Knight. The Eldritch Knight is a melee caster who scales based off of spell power, but has many weapon-based attacks, such as Eldritch Strike, which is an elementally-enhanced cleave attack. The Eldritch Knight can eventually learn to use armor, and blends melee and spellcasting in a unique, but awesomely D&D style.

With wonderfully constructed dungeons, and more options for players to explore new and compelling builds, Update 20 promises to add even more great content to the genuinely massive worlds that Dungeons & Dragons Online has to offer. All of the content in Update 20 is freely accessible to players, and is now live, so if this sounds like your kind of adventure, go check it out now!

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