War Thunder Dev Announces Details of Gain Ground Forces Beta Entry

| 14 Nov 2013 18:25
War thunder ground forces

Players can complete special War Thunder combat missions that will earn them a better chance of entry into December 4th's Ground Forces closed beta.

War Thunder has, up until now, been pretty well focused on the excitements of virtual air combat. That said, the game is taking steps to add in tank-based ground combat. Most notably, December 4th will see the launch of a closed beta centered around an in-development Ground Forces component.

That being the case, the game's developers at Gaijin Entertainment have revealed that players interested in the Ground Forces beta will have some hoops to jump through if they want to gain access. The studio has announced that it will be issuing a series of combat missions players can complete to better their chances of receiving an invite to the Ground Forces beta. The first mission, which ends today at 6:00PM PST asks players to destroy 60 ground units in Arcade battles or 30 ground units in History or Full Real battles.

Again, completing this mission and the ones to follow in no way, shape or form, guarantees a spot in the closed beta. That said, it's nonetheless pretty nifty to think that your current actions in the game could potentially earn you a real world reward. For more information regarding the Ground Forces closed beta and Gaijin's combat missions head over to the official War Thunder website.

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