Eldevin Prepping for Official Launch

| 18 Nov 2013 10:43
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Hunted Cow Studios will closing down Eldevin's beta on November 23rd to prepare for an official launch on November 30th.

It's been some time since Hunted Cow Studios launched its browser-based fantasy MMORPG Eldevin into beta. That being the case, the developer is currently preparing to take a final step toward the game's official launch. In a recent forum thread, the company announced the release of v0.9 of the game and revealed that said version would be available for play up until Saturday, the 23rd of November.

When the 23rd hits the beta will close down and Hunted Cow will enter into the final stages of an official, full launch slated for the following week on November 30th, with early access beginning on the 27th. The developer has, unfortunately, confirmed that "all characters will be reset again in preparation for launch." Likewise, "if nothing changes" the game's Founder Packs, currently being sold through its website, will be removed from sale on Friday the 29th.

In the mean time, the game's v0.9 update has brought with it a slew of changes and improvements for its players to enjoy (at least until their characters are reset). Included among the latest round of improvements are a wide range of general, gameplay and balance changes, as well as a long list of bug fixes and alterations to Eldevin's quests and achievements. For the full patch notes head on over to the announcement post at the official Eldevin website.

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