Star Wars: The Old Republic Blasts Into Space With New Galactic Starfighter Trailer

| 18 Nov 2013 19:57
Galactic Starfighter

Bioware has offered fans a glimpse of The Old Republic's Galactic Starfighter update in a new trailer.

For all the hubbub that tends to be made about Jedi and the Force, the most exciting part of the Star Wars films are arguably the space battles. Watching X-Wings and Tie Fighters zip around in interstellar combat is just a pure joy that combines the cool factor of lasers with the awesomeness of stuff going boom. That in mind, you can perhaps understand why there might be some excitement surrounding the Galactic Starfighter update coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Whereas The Old Republic boasted fighter combat previously, it was PvE only and completely on-rails. Galactic Starfighter, according to statements from Bioware will be a much more open experience focused on PvP.

To give players a bit of a glimpse at what this will entail, the company has just recently released a gameplay trailer showing off Galactic Starfighter in action. As you might expect, this means a whole lot of color coded lasers and things exploding. In other words, it looks like what you'd expect from Star Wars. Add in customizable ships, a feature also put on display in the trailer, and you get a recipe for an update that's potentially perfect for fans like myself who grew up dreaming of the day we could set our S-Foils to attack position.

Star Wars The Old Republic

Source: YouTube

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