Dota 2 Update Brings New Heroes, Crafting, and a November Diretide

| 19 Nov 2013 03:05
Dota 2 Three Spirits

Dota 2's latest update includes a wealth of new features, including in-game coaching, alternate camera perspectives, and an extended Diretide event to apologize for its absence last October.

Valve recently admitted on the Dota 2 blog that it had decided to cancel this year's Diretide event without telling anyone, and said it felt just awful that it happened. Thankfully, Valve is also in a position to make up for the misstep in its latest game update, adding a "better-late-than-never" November Diretide on top of the previously planned features. Combined, this makes Dota 2's Three Spirits update a rather impressive one, adding new heroes, crafting, socketing, Showcase View camera angles, and even the ability to train new players through in-game coaching.

The Three Spirits name refers to the new heroes it adds to Dota 2: Storm Spirit, Earth Spirit, and Ember Spirit. Each of these characters are celestial beings from the Wailing Mountains, designed expressly with elemental powers in mind. Storm Spirit has a strong focus on wind and lightning, Earth Spirit addresses boulder and magnetism abilities, while Ember Spirit emphasizes the strength of flame. As with previous updates, each hero encompasses unique powers, strengths, and weaknesses, reflecting their respective elements in their playstyles.

If the new heroes aren't to your liking, there are many other features in Three Spirits to consider using. In-game coaching, for example, allows experienced players to train new arrivals to the game, whether practicing in one-on-one sessions or working together against bot players. Coaches will have full access to their students camera and mini-map, and can ping elements in the HUD to direct their attention. Up to three students can be trained together by a single coach, and the update even lets multiple coaches and students work together on a single team.

Players who enjoy crafting mechanics should also find much to love in Three Spirits. Polymorph recipes can be used to combine multiple items into new objects, while Augment Recipes duplicate equipment into items of a higher rarity. Once you have an item you like, it can be customized further with sockets and gems that add new stats and abilities to anything you're carrying.

The update also adds unlockable treasures, items to the Dota 2 store, and even a Showcase View mode for alternate perspectives in matches and replays. The Diretide event, meanwhile, runs until November 28th, giving players the chance to play it a month later than last year. Altogether, these features could really shake up the dynamics of most matches, making it a great opportunity for new and veteran players to enjoy it together, whether fighting or training.

NOTE: A unfinished version of this story was posted by accident earlier today. We apologize for the confusion.

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