Neverwinter Devs Introduce Sword Coast Adventures Companion Game

| 19 Nov 2013 12:12
Neverwinter Sword Coast Adventures

Players will be able train their companions and earn loot in the new Sword Coast Adventures dice game.

In Cryptic's Dungeons & Dragons MMO Neverwinter, players can sometimes find themselves facing the conundrum of having too many companions and not nearly enough to do with them. Hoping to remedy this issue, the developer has announced Sword Coast Adventures, a dice-centric side game that will allow player characters to deploy up to four companion to random locations in the titular Sword Coast region to earn rewards and gain experience points.
In the new game, players will be presented with a map of the Sword Coast complete with explore-able locations. After picking a location, you can then pick four companions from your roster to send out to each location. If players don't have four companions temporary ones can be hired from a special tavern within the game.

Once you deploy your companions they'll each be given a set of dice for use in the game, with each having access to the same basic d6 with additional dice ranging from d4's to d12's available as add-ons. In turn, as companions rank up they'll gain access to better dice, giving them more of a chance of success. Once on a quest players will need to direct their companions actions through a series of challenges, with success governed by their dice rolls. Victory will unlock new challenges as well as earn your companions experience and loot to bring back to base.

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