WildStar Wednesday Reintroduces the Spellslinger

| 20 Nov 2013 20:03
WildStar Spellslinger

WildStar's zany space-age cowboy gets an up close and personal look in the latest Dev Speak.

WildStar Wednesdays have been heating up with Classes Ultra Drop, in which Carbine reintroduces each of the classes in the game with an interactive website, and a dev speak video highlighting the most iconic features of each class. The most recent class drop features the Spellslinger, a pistol-wielding magic user.

Spellslingers are a ranged assassin who uses teleports, blinks, and portals to quickly move around the battlefield. Spellslingers wear light armor, and can spec to do damage or healing. Their primary tools are Mag Pistols, Magic Sigils, and Acrobatics. Mag Pistols do the obvious: they shoot bad guys. They shoot good guys too, except with healing. Sigils are a Spellslinger's magic, and include damage, teleportation, and CC abilities. Spellslingers also perform supernatural acrobatics, teleporting and blinking around a fight. By opening portals, a Spellslinger can teleport, swap places with enemies, or even open up a pocket dimension to hang out in.

Carbine will be hosting a dev stream of the Spellslinger Saturday, November 23rd at 12pm PST, where they'll be giving a closer look at what the Spellslinger will look like in game, as well as answering questions fans have about Spellslingers, and WildStar in general. They'll also be hosting an AMA on the WildStar Reddit community page Thursday, November 21st beginning at 12pm PST.

To see the Spellslinger for yourself, check out the Spellslinger class page, or watch the dev speak directly below.


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