The Old Republic Looks at Galactic Starfighter Ship Classes

| 21 Nov 2013 17:32
Star Wars: The Old Republic Galactic Starfighter screen

BioWare has released new development blogs highlighting the Scout and Strike Fighter ship classes for The Old Republic's upcoming Galactic Starfighter update.

Hoping to better acquaint customers and prospective players with the upcoming Galactic Starfighter update for Star Wars: The Old Republic, the game's developers at BioWare have released a pair of developer blogs highlighting some of the different fighter types players will have access to when the content becomes available.

In the first blog entry, the studio focused in on Scout Class starfighters. Scouts, according to designer Bret Hoffman, will sport "sleek design[s] and speedy gameplay [that] harkens back to classic Star Wars ships like the A-Wing and TIE interceptor. In The Old Republic players can expect Scouts to act as "the vanguard of any battle" making fast strikes before dodging away to avoid enemy fighters. "In a dogfight, a Scout can use their superior maneuverability take down their opponent or their powerful thrusters to escape to fight another day," said Hoffman. Republic players will have access to the NovaDrive and the Flashfire Scouts, while Imperial characters will be able to take off in the S-12 Blackbolt and the S-13 Sting.

In another more recent post, BioWare's Brian Audette took a turn at introducing the Strike Fighter class. Akin to balanced, multipurpose fighters like the X-Wing from the original Star Wars films, Strike Fighters will "represent a perfect balance of firepower and maneuverability" in The Old Republic. "The primary attribute of the Strike Fighter role is the ability to equip and swap between either two primary or secondary weapons depending on the ship type," said Audette. This gives the Strike Fighter a level of versatility that's difficult to rival." Audette's blog post showcased the FT-8 Star Guard and the F-T6 Rycer, both of which boast powerful primary and secondary weapons. For more information regarding these ships and the Galactic Starfighter update, head over The Old Republic's official website.

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