World of Warcraft Offers Make-A-Wish Donations for Pet Purchases

| 22 Nov 2013 16:48
World of Warcraft Brew Pup

Buy an Alterac Brew Pup pet and Blizzard will donate $5 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Oh, and there is a incredibly gorgeous new Fey Dragon mount available as well.

Blizzard likes to add new pets and mounts to its store to give completion players a way to add new steeds to their stable or a new creature to go to battle with. Of course it also helps increase the bottom line. But now, Blizzard is offering a hand to the Make-A-Wish charity with the addition of a new pet designed to spell relief and aid for those in need of help.

The Alterac Brew Pup, designed to resemble the trusty Saint Bernard complete with a cask of warm liquor around its neck, is now available in the Blizzard store for $10. For every purchase, Blizzard is donating half of that to Make-A-Wish through December 31. You gotta love the creative description of the lovable beast:

The Alterac Brew Pup is a hardy friend who's always ready to lend a paw or revitalizing swig of "good cheer" to anyone in need. Bred for rescue duty, the Alterac brewhound's bloodline is famous for having found and resuscitated many mountain travelers trapped beneath the snow ... and then slobbering all over them. The most famous brewhound of all is Bernard, credited with saving upwards of 50 lives-many of them dwarf and orc soldiers dragged out of the snow beneath the treacherous bridges of Alterac Valley.

This isn't the first time Blizzard has dipped into the creative pet pool for charity. The Cinder Kitten became available through the store last November, with all of the proceeds from the $10 sale going to Hurricane Sandy relief.

Now, if you prefer something large and a bit more flashy, Blizzard also has a new mount. Called the Enchanted Fey Dragon, it changes colors like a chameleon, and if you will excuse the editorializing, looks flat-out gorgeous. Of course, it is $25 in the Blizzard store -- as are all Blizzard's mounts -- and there are no donations going out if you buy it. But if you need another mount that makes you look cool, then drop the cash. I probably will.

Source: Blizzard

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