Defiance Airbreaker DLC Gets Release Date

| 23 Nov 2013 10:15
Defiance Arkbreaker Screen

The Defiance Arkbreaker DLC is coming December 10th and will add a new mission line, abilities and weapons.

Defiance players may want to bust out their wallets come December. We say that because December 10th has been slated as the release date of the new Arkbreaker DLC which aims to add a mess of fresh content to the game and "[give] rise to a new breed of hunter."

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A companion to the SyFy television series of the same name, Defiance tales place in the year 2046. Earth is changed. Alien races, having arrived on Earth, decide to try and make it their own. The ensuing war ravaged the planet, leaving mankind struggling to survive in a world now foreign to them. You play as an Ark Hunter, venturing out into the hostile terrain this new Earth to fight and salvage alien technology.

Among the content in Arkbreaker will be a new story line, following a race "to secure an ark-brain interface with the power to call down arkfalls" that "in the wrong hand" could potentially be used "against ark hunters across the New Frontier." In line with that plot, players who invest in the Arkbreaker content will be gifted with the ability call down their own arkfalls. The DLC will also come packaged with new weapons and the opportunity to take on a Volge Warmaster, which can earn players "some of the best loot in Defiance.

Players lacking the cash to buy Arkbreaker won't be left out in the cold either as Trion has announced a slew of free content that will be coming out alongside the new DLC. All players will now have access to Spikes, which can be planted in a set position to grant extra ammo, increase damage and bolster your shields. New Stim items will also be made available which will "provide healing, speed and strength boosts, or an EGO power refresh." Players can also look forward to a new option to mark their favorite items in their inventory to make them more easily accessible. For more information on these updates and the Arkbreaker DLC head over to the Defiance website.

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