The Secret World Adds Transdimensional Banking, New Veteran Items

| 25 Nov 2013 10:50
The Secret World Perforator

Funcom has announced the release of new Weapon Moulds for The Secret World as well as a more convenient Transdimensional Banking option.

If you're a devotee of Funcom's The Secret World, you may want to check into the game's item shop sometime in the new future. We say this because the developer has recently announced the release of new Veteran Items for players to purchase. These items will include spiffy new Weapon Moulds that can be used to augment and diversify the appearance of your arsenal. They can also be claimed "as many times as you wish" so players don't need to "worry about the weapon you just changed the look of becoming obsolete." Alongside the new Weapon Moulds, users will now also be able to buy the new "Venetian Exemption," a Veteran item that will give players a "a stack of Scenario cooldown removers" and allow them to "run Scenarios even more often."

In addition to the fresh Veteran Items, players will also be able to take advantage of new "Transdimensional Banking" options going forward. Transdimensional Banking will be accessible via the use of Veteran points that and will grant the ability to remotely access services that are generally restricted to in-game locations. "Tired of running to London to use the Bank or Auction House?" asked Funcom. "Now you can get access to these services around the game world by using the all new Transdimensional Bank."

While none of these are probably going to rock the player base of The Secret World, they'll likely still come as welcome additions to the paranormal MMO. If you're interested in more information regarding Transdimensional Banking or the new Veteran Items, feel free to hop over to the announcement at the official Secret World website.

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The Secret World

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