Star Citizen Dev Making Single-Player Squadron 42

| 25 Nov 2013 16:33

After breaking $29 million in ongoing crowdfunding efforts, Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium revealed that they will be making a single-player space sim titled Squadron 42.

Back in the days of yesteryear, Chris Roberts helped to establish the space flight sim genre with epic single player experiences like the Wing Commander franchise. That being the case, Roberts recent return to the gaming spotlight based in his Star Citizen project, aims to produce a massive new space flight sim grounded in an MMO experience. That being the case, if you prefer flying solo a recent announcement by Roberts and the game's development team at Cloud Imperium may be right your alley.

Roberts and company have announced that Star Citizen recently broke the $29 million mark in its ongoing crowdfunding efforts. As a result the studio will now be committing funds toward the production of Squadron 42, a story driven single player game that will serve as a "true spiritual successor to Wing Commander." Cloud Imperium has, in turn, released a video delving into the work being done by Foundry 42, the team heading up the development of Squadron 42. According to the developers players can expect a focus on the game's narrative. "[Chris Roberts] wants a more cinematic, more character driven story than is common in games," said story consultant John Schimmel.

Personally, this all strikes me as fantastic news. While I'm sure it will be some time before I ever own a PC capable of running Star Citizen and presumably Squadron 42, I am a huge fan of the Wing Commander games and love the idea of there being something else out there revitalizing the experience they spearheaded so many years ago. In short, I'll be watching Squadron 42 and I'd suggest that you all do the same.

Source: Roberts Space Industries

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