Champions Online Unveils New Aura Options

| 25 Nov 2013 17:29
Champions Online Auras

Champions Online players will now be able to customize their characters with new Auras that can be mixed, matched and tweaked give them a custom glow.

Champions Online has unveiled a new feature to help players further customize their characters' apperance. Auras, as they're being called, will create a new effect that surrounds character with light that changes depending on how you employ them.

According to the game's developers, Auras can be controlled with a variety of customization options. For instance, players will be able mix and match Auras to create "thousands" of potential combinations. Likewise, depending on how players slot them, Auras can be designed to be active constantly or only in combat. Users will even be able to manipulate the coloring of individual Auras to personally define how they look.

To help keep Auras simple to manage, they'll be treated like standard items. Characters, in turn, will now have special slots in their inventory to equip Auras. Likewise, an Aura-specific bag is being added that will allow players to collect them without cluttering up their standard inventory. The new bag will initially be capped at 40 slots, but can be upgraded in the C-Store.

Players intent on collecting Auras will be able to find some as rare loot acquired by completing missions. According to the developer however, "the majority will be in the C-Store" much akin to the game's costume sets. The company will also be releasing Auras previously counted as passive powers in the Q-Store under a "Legacy Auras" branding. Every player is going to be given a voucher token to purchase one Legacy Aura of their choosing.

Source: Champions Online

Champions Online

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