Neverwinter Module 2 Will Add Artifact Items

| 25 Nov 2013 18:42
neverwinter artifacts

Neverwinter's new Artifact items will grant players abilities that can be upgraded and improved over time.

Neverwinter's player base will shortly find itself privy to a hefty update in the form of Module 2: Shadowmantle, which is due at the beginning of December. Delving into the new Module recently, developer Cryptic tried to give players a deeper look at one new feature the update will be adding: Artifacts.

According to Neverwinter lead designer Chris Matz, Artifacts will be new items being designed to help foster a "advancement and attachment to an item," something that developer has wanted to do in the past but hasn't been able to implement. "These items will become permanent fixtures for your character, and will be able to level up and get more powerful as you advance," said Matz.

When a player character nears level 20, they'll receive a new quest that will send them on a hunt for a "lost item of power." Once they recover said item they'll be given a choice between one of three artifacts: the Lantern of Revelation, Waters Elah'zad or Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue. "Each of these items will provide you with a small stat bonus, and when slotted into your Primary Artifact Slot, a new power," explained Matz.

Each power will be different, granting abilities like long-term healing, area-of-effect debuff and damage or the an attack that doles out heavy damage to a single target. Some will also include secondary uses like the ability to summon a shopkeeper who will sell and buy items on the fly. These powers will take longer than your typical ability to recharge after use, but will also be upgradeable via Neverwinter's new refinement system, another addition coming with Module 2.

As you upgrade an artifact it will grow more power, rising quality as you go. At level 60 players will also unlock Secondary Artifact slots that will allow them to equip another artifact to gain its stat bonuses but not its power. Artifacts will be findable throughout the game following Shadowmantle's launch, with 7 available initially.

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