Heroes of the Storm Director Apologizes For Response to Sexualization Accusations

| 25 Nov 2013 19:20
Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm director Dustin Browder has issued an apology for comments he made in response to accusations that the company over sexual-izes its female characters.

The poor portrayal of women in videogames is something that the industry has been wrestling with pretty much since its inception and, more often than not, it's something that videogames tend to get wrong. Point in case, there are some who would argue that Blizzard tends to over sexual-ize the female characters in its games. Blizzard, in turn, didn't respond too well when confronted with those opinions.

"We're not running for President," said Dustin Browder, director for the company's forthcoming Heroes of the Storm in an interview. "We're not sending a message. No-one should look to our game for that." Browder's statements subsequently ignited a debate on Blizzard's social networks that led to another official statement posted on the Heroes of the Storm website.

In the statement, Browder apologized for his somewhat aggravated response to the interviewer's questioning and tried to assure fans that neither himself or Blizzard are "insensitive about how we portray our characters." He then affirmed that the company aims to populate its games with "compelling characters" but also needs to "step back to ensure that we're not alienating our players."

"At the end of the day, we all want the same thing," he said. "A great game where we can all have fun battling for glory and maybe some bragging rights." He would go on to thank the interviewer for his feedback concerning Blizzard's female characters and thanked the company's customers for their "continued support."

Source: Eurogamer

Heroes of the Storm

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