Ten Things You Need to Know About WildStar

| 2 Dec 2013 17:40

11. WildStar ain't your grandma's MMO.

Wildstar 10 Things 3x3

WildStar has been drawing a lot of attention from the MMO community recently. With hushed whispers proclaiming the game to be things such as the "WoW-Killer", "The MMO of Tomorrow", or even "The Chosen One" (not kidding), there has recently been much anticipation for players to get their hands on the game. I, personally have been following WildStar since I first heard the game's name back in 2005, when a guildee with a connection at Blizzard told me a bunch of people had left to go work on it. Today, I am here to share some of the features I am most excited about in WildStar, as well as what I think will make it stand out the most against other games that MMO players are accustomed to.

10. Paths- In addition to race and class, when a player creates their WildStar character, they will also choose a path, which will dictate some of the side-content that the player will have access to, as well as a utility skill that the player will have. There are four paths; the Scientist, the Soldier, the Explorer, and the Settler. Each path is based on Bartle Types in psychology, and offers a play style choice that rewards players with the type of content they enjoy the most. Paths aren't just for single-player content either. Players of the same or even different paths can work together and get shared XP for helping each other out on their path missions.

9. CREDD- One of the most frequent questions I get while waxing on about WildStar (I tend to do this a lot, actually) is whether or not the game will charge a monthly fee, something many casual or tentative players fear. While WildStar will feature a $15 monthly fee, as well as the $60 box cost, players can circumvent the monthly cost using a system called CREDD. CREDD is an in-game item that can be purchased for real money, and sold on the market like any other commodity. CREDD, when consumed, will add 30 days of game time to a player's account, allowing them to continue their adventures in WildStar unhindered. This system will allow players who are time-rich but cash-poor to buy their game time off the in-game market, fueling the WildStar economy, and allowing players from all walks of life to keep exploring Nexus.

8. Telegraphs- Telegraphs are one of the earliest systems established by WildStar, and is one of the most iconic features that the game presents. Although games such as Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft have introduced some form of visual aid in combat, WildStar has really integrated the feature fully into its gameplay, and the difference clearly shows. Many of the classes have unique, oddly-shaped telegraphs, and many boss fights feature telegraphs that require intelligent coordination, rather than just avoiding the perfect circles of fire on the ground.

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