Ten Things You Need to Know About WildStar

| 2 Dec 2013 17:40
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7. Player Housing- Player housing in WildStar promises to be a core feature of the game. In addition to having tons of housing objects that can be found through all kinds of methods, there are also 'Plugs', where players can place large, interactive objects onto their land plot. Things such as a gigantic playable keyboard, target dummies, crafting stations, or even raid portals can be put into a plug for individuals to access, making it an important part of gameplay in addition to being an awesome place to have a tea party, or just kick it with your pals.

6. Hoverboards- Through some cleverly hidden clues in the Warrior Dev Speak, WildStar fans uncovered an incredibly awesome feature that WildStar will have: Hoverboards. Unlike normal mounts that simply increase your movement speed, Hoverboards appear to use a different physics that is more fast-paced and flowing. Hoverboards can also be launched off ramps for huge hang time, and performing tricks mid-air also appears to be in the cards. Though there isn't much revealed about Hoverboards yet, it's definitely a feature to keep an eye on going forward.

5. Ability Customization- While WildStar is still several months from release and the details are hazy, the recent class streams have done an excellent job of introducing the community to how class customization will work in WildStar, debuting their AMPS System, which is a Constellation-style advancement system in which players can choose to improve their skills in a specialized field such as utility, offense, or PvP ability. WildStar will also feature a Limited Action Set, which restricts the number of skills a player has access to at any given time, forcing them to choose which skills they think will be the most useful for their play style and the encounters they'll face. Players will also have an Ability Tree, where they can upgrade their existing skills and add new features to their abilities. The result of these three different systems is a virtually infinite number of variables that players can tweak and alter based on their play style and the challenges faced. So if you've ever wanted a utility spec'd tank, or a defensively spec'd healer, now you can.


4. Professions- Although Carbine hasn't made an official noise about professions yet, they've revealed that they exist and have hinted at what they're capable of. Players can expect many of the typical professions to be present: miners, herbalists, and weaponsmiths will all be present in WildStar. However, the addition of player housing opens up several new avenues for additional professions and recipes. Things like architect-built houses and leatherworker built couches will expand the list of available recipes from exclusively combat oriented items. WildStar has also proven that it's going to make harvesting more interesting, such as having enemies pop out of gathering nodes.

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