Ten Things You Need to Know About WildStar

| 2 Dec 2013 17:40
WildStar Ability 1

3. Pacing- Pacing content is one of the hardest things for MMO companies to do successfully, and the extent to which a company can produce successful content regularly typically determines the success of the game. Many fans are (rightfully) concerned about WildStar's ability to fulfil its promise of maintaining quality content regularly going forward, offering players the security of a single game that they can invest themselves in. When I interviewed David "Scooter" Bass in October, he explained to me that Carbine is already preparing their production cycle for once the game goes live. They've even been having workshops with the developers of Guild Wars 2 directly, learning the process of creating great content quickly. Another notable indicator is Carbine's rollout cycle thus far. Although the game is still months away, they've done an excellent job with rolling out information to the fans, including the Dev Speak videos, the Class Ultra Drop, and more nuanced community-building events, such as the Disclaimer Guy Riddle. If Carbine has had a pre-launch this organized, it speaks loudly in their favor for what they'll be able to do once the game is live.

2. WildStar is Hard- At NYCC last month, I had the opportunity to (finally!) play WildStar for 15 whole minutes at a time. Wanting to impress the devs I was chatting with, I opted for the level 24 Esper, and went on my way to take care of some nearby quests. Not to brag, but I consider myself a pretty good MMO gamer. I've been playing MMOs for a decade at this point, and have raided high-tier content in several games. I walked into that level 24 zone confident and excited. I got creamed. I got crushed. I got pwned, and destroyed by the mobs. I must have died 15 times during my first 15 minute session. Now in my own defense, I was playing a class in the mid-levels with a bunch of abilities I didn't know, but nonetheless, it wasn't just challenging, it was hard. With some more game time under my belt and a greater understanding of how my abilities work, I know I'm going to be just fine, but think about exactly what that means. "If I practice at this game, I know I'll eventually be good enough to face high level challenges." I think it's a good thing that I wasn't good enough to instantly walk into the game booth and crush things. Crushing things gets boring quickly, but mastering a game is addicting.

1. Winter Beta is Upon Us- All of this hype so far has been to say that WildStar looks like a pretty damn sweet game. Perhaps most exciting is the fact that after eight long years of waiting, the game is finally going to be released soon. Spring 2014 is the current release window, but for the junkies and true lovers of WildStar, the game will be accessible as early as December of this year, only a few short weeks away. If you can't wait to see what free-form targeting, paths, and hoverboards are like, Carbine is looking for players to check out the game ahead of time and give feedback. This is exciting news not only because it means that we'll able to play the game sooner than expected, but also because the feedback given to Carbine will actually make a difference; Carbine has shown their willingness to listen to and interact personally with their audience, and after all, their tag line is, "The Devs are Listening".


Despite my years of experience telling me it's better to wait and see how WildStar plays before getting too excited about it, I would be lying if I said I wasn't anxiously anticipating it every single day. With new information being released every week, the hype train has definitely left the station, and isn't showing any signs of slowing down as it heads into the new year. If you want a chance to get into the winter beta, be sure to sign up on the WildStar website, or stay tuned right here at WarCry over the coming weeks.

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