Infinite Crisis Unveils Mecha Wonder Woman

| 26 Nov 2013 18:52
mecha wonder woman

Infinite Crisis's Mecha Wonder Woman will have low defense but a lot of ranged damage potential.

Perhaps realizing that bad ass robots make everything better, Turbine has unveiled Mecha Wonder Woman as a new playable champion for its DC Universe MOBA Infinite Crisis. Accompanying the reveal, Turbine has released a new video to outline her skills and acquaint prospective players with her potential.

According to the video, Mecha Wonder Woman will have access to a variety of abilities. Implacable Judgment, for instance, will be a passive skill wherein every connecting attack stacks judgment onto an enemy, eventually resulting in extra damage.
This plays into some of her other attacks such as Glaive Storm, a projectile spread attack that's useful for hitting multiple enemies while also doling out Judgment.

She will also have access to Afterburn, a mobility based skill that can be used to dash to a target. It will also leave a fiery trail in its wake which will damage any enemies that touch it. The Celerity ability will boost the player's attack speed, allowing them to dole out damage more quickly. Finally, Mecha Wonder Woman's will also have access to the ultimate attack Tempest, which fires off a fast, concentrated power damage assault inside of a cone.

As nifty as this all sounds, Mecha Wonder Woman unfortunately comes with some poor defense stats. Turbine, in turn, recommends using teamwork and intelligent positioning to keep her alive, while also using her range attacks and Celerity skill to keep the pressure on her foes. The developer also recommended investing in additional stat modifiers and artifacts to boost her defenses. The video itself isn't all that long so we'd definitely recommend giving it a view. For more information about Mecha Wonder Woman and Infinite Crisis, visit the game's official website.

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